Q&A: When to Follow-Up on Resumes


I know I am supposed to follow-up on every resume I send an employer. How do I know how long to wait before I contact them?



Here’s a simple timeline for resume follow ups:

First follow-up call should happen 2-4 business days after you e-mailed or faxed your resume; wait 7 business days if you sent it snail mail).

  • In your first follow-up call, only check to make sure that the employer received your resume and ask if they know when they might start interviewing.
  • If you do not know the name of the hiring manager, now is the time to ask who that person is.
  • Also ask when it would be good to check in again and if you should do so by phone or e-mail.

Second follow-up call or e-mail: If you were not given specific time to check in during the first follow-up call, make your second follow-up one week after the first follow-up contact.

  • In your second call, ask if the interview process has begun and if you are in consideration.

Keep contacting the company once a week or so until you get an interview, or you know you are not being considered for the job.

When you follow-up,  be persistent, but not pushy. Go with your gut feeling to decide if you are calling too often. And always be very polite, cooperative and patient with everyone you communicate with.

Call or e-mail no more than once a week or ever-other week, unless a specific person at the company said it was OK to call him/her more often.

Keep looking up!

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