Q&A: Is It Time To Look For A New Job?


You recently posted a video that showed why staying with one company for a long time is not always a good thing. I know this is true, but it adds pressure for those of us who love what we do and the people we work with.

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Colleges & Universities – Kinds of Administration

Public colleges and universities: Institutions predominantly funded by public means through a national or state government. Includes state land-grant universities.

Private colleges and universities: Higher education institutions not operated by governments. Most private universities are non-profit organizations.

Nonprofit: Most U.S. colleges and universities are not-for-profit institutions. Nonprofit schools can be pubic or private.

For-profit: The business model of these private institutions is to make money from providing educational services to students.

Accredited colleges and universities: A school or program that has met the standards set by a non-government agency that reviews institutions in a region or occupation. Institutions accredited by the same agency are more likely to accept each other’s transfer credits.


How Long Is Too Long To Stay At Your Job?

Job seekers — especially young adults — are often warned not to change job too often. While there are some benefits to “job hopping,” many employers are suspicious of candidates with multiple short-term positions on their resumes.

But what if you’ve only worked for one company for a long time? What if you are job searching after years of employment?

Is staying in one job long term bad for your career?

Watch this short video, then leave your comments below.

Q&A: Is It Bad To Stay At A Job Too Long?

QUESTION: I’ve been working in the same place for five years. It’s an OK job, but I’m getting restless. I see other people doing things that I’d like to try, plus my work is not very interesting. Should I look for a new job or am I crazy to leave a good job?

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Workplace Tips for New Graduates

Congratulations! You have accomplished something you worked long and hard for — You graduated!

graduate-happyYou have your degree, and no one can take it away from you. Earning a degree is an achievement that you should be proud of.

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