“I believe that everyone has the right to pursue the career identify that will bring them fulfillment, not just a paycheck. This is especially true for people with barriers to education and/or employment success.”
~ Denise Felder, lead coach

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Professional Development + Consulting for Education + Employers   |   Career Readiness Workshops + Presentations   |   Personal Coaching for Job Seekers + Career Changers
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A Coach supports, motivates and challenges a Participant to explore specific areas of their life. An Advisor provides a Participant suggestions for tools and methods to use to achieve their goals. DeniseMpls Career Services uses both coaching and advising methods to develop a safe, positive relationship with Participants to support them as they use their own strengths to identify obstacles and enhance their skills, resources and creativity needed to reach their full potential.


DeniseMpls Career Services is committed to the inclusion and equitable treatment of all Coaching Participants and Business Partners regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, mental and physical ability, country of origin, socioeconomic status, religion, age, marital or partner status, sexual orientation, gender identity, educational background or industry. #EquityMatters

Service Options

Group Coaching & Workshops for the Unemployed & Underemployed
Career advising and strategies include:

  • Discovering your #CareerID
  • Career interest, strengths and skills evaluations
  • Clarify your values, passions, mission, and personal or professional vision(s)
  • Life and career goal setting
  • Building your Professional Community and networking
  • Social networking to advance your career

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Professional Development Facilitation & Speaking Engagements
Denise Felder is an experienced presenter on a range of career and college readiness topics of interest to teen and young adult career explorers, and underemployed adult job seekers and career changers.

She often leads professional learning activities for education, workforce and community organization staff on topics related to relevant job search strategies for diverse populations, and poverty awareness, racial disparities, anti-racism, and other equity and inclusion influences affecting education and employment.

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Personal Coaching Services
Not sure what you want for the next chapter of your life or career? Or do you have some ideas but you are not sure how to turn your dreams into reality? Participate in DeniseMpls’ Career Check Up, Career Change, or Career Identity package today as an investment in your future. Choose a service package or single service that fits your needs.


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