Encouraging Everyday People to make informed career choices that better their lives and communities.

I believe that everyone has the right to pursue the #CareerID that will bring them fulfillment, not just a paycheck. This is especially true for people who are often oppressed or repressed in education systems and in the work world. DeniseMpls Career Services has a two-pronged approach to increasing equity and inclusion and anti-racism in the workforce:

  • CAREER ADVISING for groups and individuals to discover and achieve their education and employment potential

  • STAFF DEVELOPMENT & CONSULTING for educators and workforce practitioners serving students and job seekers with barriers to education and/or employment success
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DeniseMpls Career Services offers tools, guidance and encouragement to help individuals and businesses find your true potential and live up to it.

Our coaching and resources encourage you to live out your personal or professional values, passions and goals. Connect with DeniseMpls to gain the knowledge and the confidence needed to grow in your equity development, find your right path, advance in your career, and gain personal fulfillment.

DeniseMpls can help you to personally and professionally
Know Yourself ~ Be Yourself ~ Express Yourself

DeniseMpls supports Everyday People making informed decisions in five ways:

  1. Staff development for educators and workforce professionals on equity development and effectively supporting people from diverse backgrounds
  2. Creating content (online and print) about all facets of career development
  3. Presenting and facilitating sessions addressing inclusion and equity in the workplace
  4. Coaching teen and adult Career Explorers and Everyday People planning career moves
  5. Collaborating with public and private organizations to foster positive changes
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