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Super Bowls Is Hiring Young MN Workers

TAP Resource Center is helping to recruit approximately 3,000 18-year-old with social security numbers (and their families) for a 10-day event leading up to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis in January 2018.


Apply online for positions with the Super Bowl Experience.

  • Where did you learn or hear about this opportunity? Answer: “TAP” to receive priority reviewing.
  • See this flyer for more information about the work shifts


Q&A: Is It Time To Look For A New Job?


You recently posted a video that showed why staying with one company for a long time is not always a good thing. I know this is true, but it adds pressure for those of us who love what we do and the people we work with.

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Colleges & Universities – Kinds of Administration

Public colleges and universities: Institutions predominantly funded by public means through a national or state government. Includes state land-grant universities.

Private colleges and universities: Higher education institutions not operated by governments. Most private universities are non-profit organizations.

Nonprofit: Most U.S. colleges and universities are not-for-profit institutions. Nonprofit schools can be pubic or private.

For-profit: The business model of these private institutions is to make money from providing educational services to students.

Accredited colleges and universities: A school or program that has met the standards set by a non-government agency that reviews institutions in a region or occupation. Institutions accredited by the same agency are more likely to accept each other’s transfer credits.


How Long Is Too Long To Stay At Your Job?

Job seekers — especially young adults — are often warned not to change job too often. While there are some benefits to “job hopping,” many employers are suspicious of candidates with multiple short-term positions on their resumes.

But what if you’ve only worked for one company for a long time? What if you are job searching after years of employment?

Is staying in one job long term bad for your career?

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