VIDEO: What Are Your Talents & Work Skills?

Looking for a new job? Want to make your current work situation better?

Knowing what strengths and talents you want to offer is key to knowing which job or workplace is right for you.

Do you know the difference between your “talents” and your “skills?”

Find out how to match your Career Identity with a good-paying career.


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What Is Your Career Identity?

Regular readers of this blog know that the key to finding “the right job” is to seek employment that matches your career identity.

Career Identity: What you do best, what fulfills you, and what you can give to your work life.

Everyone who wants to find a job that they like, that uses their skills and talents, should be clear about their career identity.

Any student or job seeker wanting to enter a field that they will enjoy and has the potential for livable wages should know their career identity.

What is career identity, and how do you figure out what your personal career identity?

Calculate Career Identity

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Back-To-School Advice For Teens, Part 1

At the end of the school year, I asked adults what advice they would give to teens. I posted some of their remarks this spring.

The question I posed was:

“If I knew then what I know now … What advice would you give to a middle school kid about life, education or career?”

Now a new school year is beginning. Here is some more wisdom from professionals working in all types of jobs about choosing a career and the value of education.

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 Go for your dreams — You can always revise them later if you have to.

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Get involved in activities in and out of school to help prepare you for college (and make you a viable candidate for acceptance into a good college). Concentrate on your studies and do some volunteer or philanthropic work. You’d be surprised how volunteering for two hours a week somewhere can make you look so good on a college application.

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Everyone needs to become an entrepreneur. That means learning how to be an expert, how to sell, how to differentiate, how to take risks, how use social media, how to network.

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Believe in yourself. You are capable of more than you think. Explore your dreams, find out all you can. Try things out. Have fun.

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Work hard to get your (diploma). It will be SO much harder to do later. For most people, more and better qualifications (degrees) equals more and better choices.

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Get a good mentor early on in your career to advise you and to coach you. Always believe in your own strengths/skills, which you have. You know what they are. We all know our top few skills. Stay on the track of believing in those strengths and your own confidence. Stay far away from anyone who tries to keep you from doing that.

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 Read more. Readers become Rulers.

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Be yourself. Do the things you enjoy, learn about the things that interest you, and be confident in who you are. Don’t try to make yourself into a copy of someone else. You are wonderful as You.

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Always stay future-focused. Take those strides as a (freshman and sophomore) that will help you as a senior and eventual college-goer.

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Many teens today are so afraid of making a mistake that they don’t do anything.  “Failure” is a part of life … and can lead to great things.

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Join student groups, band or sports. You will learn to challenge yourself as well as the art of being a team member.

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Find something you are passionate about in the world (art, music, outdoors, people, technology, dance, writing, reading, science, etc.) and learn everything you can about that subject. Get into it! When you find your passion, you find your true self.And always remember that you can do anything you put your heart and soul into. Dare to dream.

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Take high school seriously upon entering the 9th grade.  It is hard to catch up once you fall behind.

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Listen to all who offer advice, but trust your own inner instincts when it comes to making decisions. You are responsible for your own life.

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Author Bio: Denise Felder  is a writer and career adviser encouraging everyday people to make positive life and career choices.

Got One Minute to Help Your Career?

Recently the career advising website Careerealism asked me and other coaches if we had job search tips that took less than one minute to complete.

It seems crazy to think that an activity that takes less than one minute can have an impact on your job search or career development. But there are a lot of little things you can do that can make a big difference to your career.

Here are 5 quick tips I suggest:

1.  Read your resume backward. ~ Take time to proof read your resume one more time. Catch any typos before you send it to employers.

2. Respond to an industry leader’s tweet or blog post. ~ The job seekers who stand out in the crowd are the ones who show interest in their industry and are on top of current events. Interact with your colleagues and industry leaders via social media. It proves you are more than just a name on a resume.

3. Make a follow up call. ~ It takes less than 60 seconds to leave a voicemail for a hiring manager restating your interest and qualifications for the job you applied. The result could be your name floating to the top of their list of interview contacts.

4. Read a company’s website. ~ You already know you should research a company before you go to an interview. But have you done it yet? Take a minute to get to know the company’s history, philosophy and main products now. You will be ready for that interview later.

5. Send a thank you e-mail to your networking contacts. ~ Did someone give you a job lead or give you a nice reference? The few seconds it takes for you to write a brief but sincere thank you note can strengthen your networking relationship for a long time.

For more tips, you can read
10 Job Search Tips that Take Less than One Minute Careerealism

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Can You Handle the Truth About Your Career?

We live in troubling times. The world is so confusing, scary and unpredictable that there’s a term for it: VUCA. But more about that later …

As a job seeker, you might be waiting for the economy and the job market to “get back to normal.” The truth is the “normal” we once knew is gone and is not coming back.

We are living — and working — in a VUCA world. Can you handle that?

Recently posted 20 Inconvenient Career Truths. Here are some of the truths you might not want to hear but knowing them can improve your career and job search:

 4. Work is not separate from the rest of your life.

7. Almost every job has a trade-off. You’ll probably never get everything you want in one place.

8. Achieving long-term career goals requires sustained effort and deliberate action. It’s no accident or coincidence.

15. If you find yourself job-hopping and nothing ever satisfies you for any period of time, it’s time to look at yourself. Most likely, you’re part of the problem.

19.  Layoffs happen. You may get fired. You may be “forced out” for reasons beyond your control. You’ll survive. And you’ll be stronger for it.

Read all 20 Inconvenient Career Truths.

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