VIDEO: What Are Your Talents & Work Skills?

Looking for a new job? Want to make your current work situation better?

Knowing what strengths and talents you want to offer is key to knowing which job or workplace is right for you.

Do you know the difference between your “talents” and your “skills?”

Find out how to match your Career Identity with a good-paying career.


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Q&A: How To Handle A Bad Job Reference


office2I need to find a better job, but I’m stuck. I don’t want to use anyone at my current job as a reference because I don’t want them to know I’m looking. My supervisor from my previous job didn’t like me. I think that former boss is saying bad things about me to other employers. How can I get a good reference from my past job?


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What Is Your Career Identity?

Regular readers of this blog know that the key to finding “the right job” is to seek employment that matches your career identity.

Career Identity: What you do best, what fulfills you, and what you can give to your work life.

Everyone who wants to find a job that they like, that uses their skills and talents, should be clear about their career identity.

Any student or job seeker wanting to enter a field that they will enjoy and has the potential for livable wages should know their career identity.

What is career identity, and how do you figure out what your personal career identity?

Calculate Career Identity

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3 Signs Your Job Search Is A Joke

A while ago I listed the Top 10 Signs You’re Not Serious About Your Job Search. Job seekers of all skill level and in all industries especially struggle with:

success-fail-signNo. 4: “You cannot name five job titles that match your qualifications,” and
No. 5: “You have never done a mock interview or researched effective interview skills.”

I wrote the original 10 signs a few years ago. Since then, social media has changed the way employers connect with candidates.

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Uh-Oh, Now You’ve Tick Off An Introvert

Recently a colleague posted this article in a LinkedIn discussion: How an Introvert Can Be Happier: Act Like an Extrovert. Just the title ticked me off, but I chose not to judge until after read the article.

So, I read the article by Sumathi Reddy of The Wall Street Journal. Here is my judgment of Reddy’s terrible advice. Continue reading