Denise Felder (@DeniseMpls) is a writer and career adviser encouraging individuals and challenging systems to close opportunity gaps in education and employment.

DeniseFelder2020smDenise Felder started her career in print journalism. When the media tide flowed toward the Internet, she went with it, writing breaking news and entertainment features for a national network of websites. Next, Denise dabbled in reality TV production before Divine Intervention (really!) move her to serve as an employment coach.

Since then, Denise has worked as a print and web editor of career development content, and as a career adviser. She helps everyday people to make positive choices that impact their lives and communities. Her coaching has helped everyday people to Know Themselves, Be Themselves & Express Themselves.

What “qualifies” Denise Felder to dispense career advice? Well, it’s not what’s on her resume that matters most, it’s what’s NOT on her resume:

  • Employed by more than six employers in less than 10 years
  • Serving in more than 10 volunteer positions
  • Making three major cross-country moves
  • Surviving two layoffs (and counting)
  • Combating a mound of student loan debt
  • Inspired by one 9/11-prompted epiphany and multiple #BlackLivesMatters revelations
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