The individuals and organizations listed have the experience, knowledge and passion needed to facilitate discussions, workshops and trainings on various aspects of diversity, inclusion, equity and social identities. All work in/near Minnesota.

multiculture“TOPICS” below highlight specific expertise and audiences that presenters address within the broad and multifaceted contexts of diversity and inclusion. This resource is provided free of charge as a service to educational, community and business organizations seeking to address diversity or cultural issues affecting their students, clients, customers, staff and communities. Contact presenters/trainers directly to inquire about their services or skills.

Presenters/trainers can send edits to DeniseMpls @; Inclusion in this list is at the discretion of the list owner.

Lechowich Consulting

  • TOPIC: Implicit Bias, Unconscious Bias, Trust and Bias, Creating an Inclusive Workplace Culture, “Understanding Your Personal Measuring Stick,” Diversity and Inclusion for Women in Nontraditional Trades.
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Sarah Lechowich, M.A., is an equity driven community and workplace advocate. She has taught at the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, and North Hennepin Community College. Sarah has been presenting and facilitating workshops to business and community groups since 2010.

African American Leadership Forum (AALF)

  • TOPIC: Unconscious Bias
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Dr. Reba Peoples, Board Certified Psychiatrist, and founder of Imara Health and Wellness
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Jeffrey A. Hassan, Executive Director of the African American Leadership Forum, and attorney with 38 years of experience in prosecuting and defending claims of discrimination in public and private employment, and lead attorney in State of Minnesota v. Continental Can. Co.
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Denise Felder, Certified Poverty Awareness Coach, Offender Job Retention Specialist, 2016 fellow in the Twin Cities Josie R. Johnson Leadership Academy with the African American Leadership Forum, President Minnesota Career Development Association (2017-2018), and owner of DeniseMpls Career Services.
  • CONTACT: | | 612.532.3694

TCI Solutions

  • TOPIC: Workforce Development; Corporate Diversity & Community Engagement Strategies; Teacher & Staff Development; Student Development
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Deon Clark is the owner and CEO of TCI Solutions, LLC. He is also Chairman of the Board for The Legacy Initiative, a nonprofit organization whose student development programs have assisted over 5,000 students across 5 states with personal and academic excellence.
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Joshua Olatunde is the Director of Professional Development & Training for TCI Solutions, LLC.  He has provided Professional Development services to districts across 48 states and has taught secondary and post-secondary school throughout the United States and abroad.
  • CONTACT: |; | 877.880.5842

TAP Diversity Navigators

  • TOPIC: Culturally Proficient, Racial Consciousness, Culturally Responsive, Culturally Respectful, Culturally Competent, Intercultural Awareness & Developmental Strategies, Diversity & Inclusion, Community Engagement, Human Capital & Human Resources Consulting: Sourcing, Targeted Retention & Succession Plans
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Dr. Nkem D Chirpich, President/CEO, has 30+ years of executive, organizational and human resource management experience. She creates safe and structured places by applying fair-minded critical thinking methods for ALL stakeholders. She is an expert in utilization of relational understanding and cultural respect to engage with, sell to and market to diverse communities.
  • CONTACT: | | 952.463.5757

JG Consulting, LLC

  • TOPIC: Leadership, Unconscious Bias, Diversity Training, Workforce Development, Intergenerations, StrengthsFinder Assessment, Change Management
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Nerita Hughes

Miss Shannan Paul

Inclusion Inc.

Amanda Ziebell

  • Amanda Ziebell, Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Qualified Administrator, skilled in facilitating group decision making, conflict transformation and visioning/planning with groups who value and reflect diversity.

Stanton Adams Consulting

  • TOPIC: Diversity and Inclusion; Training and Development
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Cecelia Stanton Adams is is a visionary leader with more than 15 years as a strategic leadership and diversity expert. Through her consulting work she offers innovative approaches to leveraging a diverse workforce.
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Malissa Adams has  over 15 years of Operations Management, and Organizational Development. Malissa is often sought out for her research and knowledge of the African-American experience and her anti-oppression work.
  • CONTACT: | | 612.730.3103

Hackman Consulting Group

  • TOPIC: Race, Racism and Whiteness; Deep Diversity, Social Justice and Equity; Sexism and Gender Equity; LGBTQ Issues; Climate Change and Climate Justice
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Dr. Heather W. Hackman has been teaching and training on social justice issues since 1992 and was a professor in the Department of Human Relations and Multicultural Education at St. Cloud State University. She has taught courses in social justice and multicultural education, race and racism, heterosexism and homophobia, social justice education, oppression and social change, sexism and gender oppression, class oppression, and Jewish oppression.
  • CONTACT: |

One Ummah Consulting

  • TOPIC: Intercultural development assessment and development, navigating cultural patterns, unconscious/implicit bias, cross-cultural conflict fluency  
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Nehrwr (pronounced “Nay-wah”) Abdul-Wahid is founder and lead consultant of One Ummah Consulting, a collaborative of consultants, trainers, facilitators, and educators who come together to help clients identify and reach their intercultural goals. Qualified Administrator (QA) and faculty of the Intercultural Development Inventory, MBTI certified and the Intercultural Conflict Styles, Nehrwr consults locally, nationally and internationally with a client list that ranges from fortune 500 companies, education, and every size of non-profit.
  • CONTACT: |

ChangeMaker Consulting

  • TOPIC: Unconscious Biases, Unexamined Cultural Values and Standards
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Denise Roseland. PhD, has a passion for helping schools and businesses develop new levels of understanding regarding concepts like racial, class, sexual identity, and gender equity. After more than 15 years in education (focused on civil rights compliance and inclusion) and 10 years as a business owner, she knows that real change happens when we empower organizational participants to become change agents on the ground today.
  • CONTACT: 612.298.2076 |

Resilient Campus, LLC

  • TOPIC: Diversity in Higher Education; Women; LGBTQ
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Saby Labor is the founder of Resilient Campus, a professional coaching and higher education consulting organization with 10 years of experience working in education, including college access for underserved students, residential life, academic support, sexual assault prevention, and women’s and LGBTQ support services.

Turning Point

  • TOPIC: Health Disparities, Wellness
  • PRESENTER/TRAINER: Elizabeth Reed has provided training at both local and national conferences on a variety of culturally based topics. Reed is currently the Board Treasurer for the National Black Alcohol and Addiction Council.
  • CONTACT: | 612.520.4004

Barb Bitters

  • Barb Bitters is the former head of the equity and diversity office at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction and previous board member of AGELE – Association for Gender Equity Leadership in Education.
  • TOPIC: LGBTQ, Race/Ethnicity Equity
  • CONTACT: | | 608.213.7994

Esmé Rodríguez

  • Esmé Rodríguez is a Minneapolis-based, queer-identified, scholar, artist, and designer, originally from NYC. She has a Masters Degree from Boston College and studied her PhD at the University of Minnesota.
  • TOPIC:


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