What’s the Minnesota Nice Response to #EndRacismNow?

Talking about diversity, inclusion and equity is NOT the same as implementing the potentially long-term, multifaceted actions needed to legitimately address and eliminate inequity and racism in our workplaces and learning environments.

6 Action Steps in Response to Floyd Protests #EquityMatters

"Shame" on Minnesota license plate protest sign

The protests and uprisings triggered by the murder of George Floyd at the hands of police officers has many of my white colleagues and friends shook. They truly were surprised by the amount of outrage, anger and fear that Black and Brown folks carry with us every day from perpetually being treated like second-class citizens … Continue reading 6 Action Steps in Response to Floyd Protests #EquityMatters

STEM @Home Activities for 6-9th Graders

  In response to the current COVID-19 situation and anticipated continuation of social distancing, the Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence has developed a series of Explore STEM programs that youth can do at-home. The programs focus on guiding youth through experiential, hands-on activities while they learn about STEM topics and have the opportunity to … Continue reading STEM @Home Activities for 6-9th Graders