Economic Inequality in the Workforce

Economic disparities refer to unfair conditions and systems in our economy. Because of outside forces, members of some groups of people have a harder time achieving financial or career success than people in other groups.


Using Your Privilege At Work

Depending on where you work, you might have privilege(s) that your coworkers do not. Pay attention to how you might use your privilege to make the workplace better for everyone.

Diversity & Cultural Competence at Work

How you think about and behave toward people from different age, sexual orientation, physical ability, economic, religion, ethnic and other groups affects your job and how well you work with others. Workers who do not respect people who are different from them, or do not treat all customers and coworkers politely are not likely to … Continue reading Diversity & Cultural Competence at Work

Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving At Work

You probably use critical-thinking skills all the time and don’t realize it. Think about how many problems you solve with your family or in your personal life. When you have no money for gas and its three days before payday, you are using problem-solving skills and creativity to figure out how to get to work the rest of the week.