What Song Describes Your 2013?

Think about the past 12 months. Which song title best describes how you feel about this past year?


Need A Burst Of Motivation?

Usually I am full of energy this time of year. The warm – sometime hot – weather and the abundant sunshine naturally get my engines revving. Ian BrittonTypically, I’m busting with motivation to be more physically active, revitalize my social calendar, take on home improvement project, tackle a professional development project or learn something for fun. Not this year. It’s been unusually rainy and cold in the Twin Cities. I’m starting to wonder if spring will ever come … Instead of waiting for an external factor to motivate me, like the weather, it’s time to stop making excuses and rev my own engine, so to speak. Care to join me?

When Your Passion Isn’t Your Paycheck

Like many people, the job these athletes might not feel passionate about the jobs they go to everyday. Nevertheless, they have created a life for themselves that includes making a living and living out their passions.

Quick Tip: Tune Out To Ramp Up At Work

When I know I have to concentrate on a project in the office, I put on my headphone and crank up my neo-soul station in Pandora. There's something magic about using music to tune out your surrounding and focus on your work.

How to Have a Red Carpet Job Search

We've all had job interviews that went well, and were shocked when we didn't get a job offer. I bet it's like a Grammy nominee who was favored to take home the music award but left empty-handed. Here are some tips to create a Red Carpet Job Search.