How to Have a Red Carpet Job Search

We’ve all had job interviews that went well, and were shocked when we didn’t get a job offer. I bet it’s like a Grammy nominee favored to take home the music award but left empty-handed. Don’t let one (or a few) job rejections get you down.

Here are some tips to handle job interviews like you are part of the entertainment awards season:

Lean on your entourage.
Have a few friends or colleagues with which you feel comfortable talking about your job search. Ask for their perspective. Do they think there were things you could have done differently in the application process? Or were there factors out of your control that kept you from getting a job offer?

Be gracious in defeat.
There’s no TV camera focused on your reaction, but handle your disappointment with dignity. Thank the employer for considering you for the job. Ask if you can keep in touch to learn about future openings. Send a thank you note to all of your networking contacts who helped you get the job lead and interview. And move on to the next opportunity.

Attend the after party.
I said after party, not a pity party. Celebrate that you made it that far in the hiring process. Focus on what you are doing right and build on that. Take a minute to reward yourself for progressing in your job search. Look at it this way: It’s an honor just to be nominated for a Grammy. And it’s an honor and accomplishment to be called in for a job interview.

Get ready for the next event.
As soon as the Golden Globes are over, celebrities prep for the Grammies and other award shows, and then it’s on to the Oscars. Job interviews are similar. As you are mourning the loss of one opportunity, you are following up on other resumes you’ve sent, then you get a call for another job interview.

Are you ready for your spotlight?

  • Know your personal branding statement and elevator speech.
  • Practice your interview responses.
  • Keep your reference contacts up to date.

Your goal is to get a job offer. Instead of imagining you’re giving an awards acceptance speech, picture yourself getting a job offer and succeeding in your new position.

The only way to get nominated for a Grammy or an Oscar is to do good work that people notice. Likewise, if you stop sending out resumes or talking to your network about job leads you will never get a job offer.

Keep at it – and keep looking up.

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