Quick Tip: Tune Out To Ramp Up At Work

Don’t you love it when you are “in the zone” working on something you like? You can be at work or home, and get that buzz that only comes from being at your most creative or productive.

When I know I have to concentrate on a project in the office, I put on my headphone and crank up my neo-soul station in Pandora. There’s something magic about using music to tune out your surrounding and focus on your work.

That’s why this blog from the Time Management Ninja caught my eye: 5 Reasons You Should Use Headphones at Work.

It perfectly outlines the benefits of wearing headphones while you work. I especially like author Craig’s explanation the five reasons to wear headphones at work:

  1. Set Expectations That You Are Occupied
  2. Create Your Own Work Zone
  3. Motivate Yourself
  4. Prevent Distractions/Interruptions
  5. Choose Your Own Attitude

Read the whole article to get more tips and warnings about wearing headphones at work.

Does listening to music help you work better? How do you get in the zone at work?