Kickoff 2018: Where to Begin?

In the coming weeks, look for tips and ideas to make 2018 your year.

calendarSo, how can you kickoff 2018 right?

  1. Face Your Deepest Fear
  2. Plan for Success
  3. Chose Where to Begin

Where to Begin?

If you are like most people, there are several parts of your life you’d like to improve or change. Pick one New Year goal to focus on for now. You can start another goal in the spring, after you have made progress or completed your New Year goal. So keep this goal list someplace where you can find it in a few months. Continue reading


Kickoff 2018: Plan for Success

Planning to overhaul your life at the New Year is a cliche, I know. But it is also real.

goal without plan quoteOne reason New Year’s Resolutions are so popular is because January 1 feels like a clean slate — a time to let go of old habits and start something positive and new.

New Years Resolutions usually don’t stick. Often, the plans we make for the coming year fall apart within weeks.

Nevertheless, you can persist.

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Kickoff 2018: Face Your Deepest Fear



Your Turn

  1. What do you do (or not do) in your life to hide your deepest fear?
  2. How would it feel if you acknowledged and fully accepted how powerful/wonderful/beautiful/intelligent/capable you are?
  3. Look around you, who cold you help by letting your light shine?



When The Going Gets Tough … The Tough Go To Work Anyway

smily-masksI graduated from college three years ago. Everyone said that there were lots of jobs in health care, but it took me two years to get hired in a clinic.

I’m grateful to be working, but this job is not a good fit for my skills, and it doesn’t pay enough. Now my manager is hiring new people at a higher pay rate than me, and he won’t talk to me about a raise or a promotion.

Obviously I’m looking for a better job, but it’s hard to go to work every day at a place that’s not a good fit for me. How do I keep from going crazy at a job I hate until I find a new job?
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