Kickoff 2018: Where to Begin?

In the coming weeks, look for tips and ideas to make 2018 your year.

calendarSo, how can you kickoff 2018 right?

  1. Face Your Deepest Fear
  2. Plan for Success
  3. Chose Where to Begin

Where to Begin?

If you are like most people, there are several parts of your life you’d like to improve or change. Pick one New Year goal to focus on for now. You can start another goal in the spring, after you have made progress or completed your New Year goal. So keep this goal list someplace where you can find it in a few months.

You might have more than one part of your life that you want to work on right away. To help you pick which goal to accomplish first, write down all possible goals or things you want to change this year.

Next, put all your goals in categories. Coaches say that everything in most people’s lives can be organized into 7-10 categories.

life wheelLife Categories

  1. Work
  2. Education/Learning
  3. Finances
  4. Family
  5. Social/Friends
  6. Romance/Significant Others
  7. Physical Health/Fitness
  8. Recreation/Fun
  9. Creativity
  10. Spirituality

Draw a circle or make a list of the life categories that fit you.

Then look at all the goals you wrote down earlier. Which categories do they fit under?

Do you have one or two categories with a lot of goals? Or do you have one goal that feels very important or exciting to you? That is the first goal or part of your life you can address this year. Again, you can work on the other goals later this year or next year.

Give Yourself 2 Gifts

Before you start working on your new goal, give yourself two important gifts for your journey.

3giftsFirst, give yourself permission to change. Often we say we are going to do something new, like exercise more, but we don’t let go of old habits, like sitting in front of the TV for hours eating junk food.

Acknowledge that you are starting a new adventure. Think about how your life might change in the coming months — both the good and the bad things. Realize that the people around you might treat “The new you” differently.

Give yourself permission to live your life differently, to start or stop doing what you have usually done. Your willingness to change is the best gift you can give yourself.

The second gift is a journal or some other paper or electronic notebook that will help you in the New Year. Give yourself a journal or notebook to track your activities and progress, write down resources you will need, and brainstorm ideas to overcome challenges.

journalYou will also need a private place to express your feelings as you progress on your journey. You need a place to write or draw your reactions and discoveries that is for your eyes only.

Find or dust off a journal that allows you to be creative and honest. This notebook/journal will be the most important book you will ever own.

Get Going

Now you know what goal to go after, and a private place to track your progress, check out Plan for Success for info on how to achieve that goal.

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