Kickoff 2018: Plan for Success

Planning to overhaul your life at the New Year is a cliche, I know. But it is also real.

goal without plan quoteOne reason New Year’s Resolutions are so popular is because January 1 feels like a clean slate — a time to let go of old habits and start something positive and new.

New Years Resolutions usually don’t stick. Often, the plans we make for the coming year fall apart within weeks.

Nevertheless, you can persist.

Whether you are looking for a new job or promotion, or wanting to change something in your personal life, the beginning of the year is logical time to start.

To increase your chances of success, think about:

Making small goals or short-term plans.
Mapping out the next 12 months is intimidating. Instead, think about where you want to be a year from now. Then break your plan into several goals you can complete within a few weeks or a month.

Giving yourself credit for every effort.
Not every step you take will be a “win.” Some of your short goals will feel like boring-but-necessary tasks needed to meet your long-term goal. When you do the boring stuff you are moving forward. The point is to keep moving forward.

See failure as part of the process.
We all fall down. Sometimes we get frustrated, tired or scared, and stop moving forward. Sometimes we self-sabotage and do the exact opposite of what we know is best. Other times things beyond our control derail our progress.

Fall down 7 times, stand up 8. ~ Japanese Proverb

When you get stalled, stopped or derailed, take a deep breath. Appreciate how far you have come. Remind yourself of your big goals. Think of ways to deal with obstacles. Ask for help if you need it. And get up and move forward – again.

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