Digging Deep & Reaching Out To Job Seekers In 2015

2015 will be a big year for DeniseMpls Career Services!

First, we (Denise and partner community leaders) will dig deep in to the many causes and effects of the opportunity gap between students and job seekers from underrepresented populations and majority groups.

Look on this blog for news, events, research, data, and recommended interventions to increase succeed for high school and college students, and employees of all levels.

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happycrowdThis year, DeniseMpls Career Services is rededicated to our mission of helping everyday people to make positive choices that impact their lives and communities. We will provide better resources for advisers and job seekers to help individuals to Know Themselves, Be Themselves, and Express Themselves in their careers and personal lives.

Here’s what’s new from DeniseMpls:

Career & Job Search Websites
No-fee websites and online platforms for Career Planning & Advice, Occupation & Industry Information, College & Job Training Resources, and Job Search Information.

Job Seeker Resources
Worksheets and activities for new employees and job seekers seeking employment and advancing in their careers.

Resources for Advisers & Educators
This page is a repository of tips, articles and materials related to career pathways, college readiness, workforce development, and helping underrepresented populations.

News & Events
Blog and news articles, webinars, conferences and other events for career and college readiness practitioners and administrators. Most in-person events are in Minnesota.

~~~ Coming Soon: Research and resources from DeniseMpls about opportunity/achievement gaps in education and employment. ~~~