You’re Probably Going To Regret This …

As a young adult, I let low self-esteem and a fear of ridicule that sometimes bordered on paranoia stop me from making more friends, dating more, traveling, and taking other risks that ultimately make life more fun. Like so many people, I was stuck in IfOnlyLand. If only I were prettier … If only I had more money … If only I met the right guy … Lack of confidence kept me from accepting myself as I was and living in the moment. Can you relate? What is your biggest regret or one thing you’d like to change from your past?

17 Ways To Live A Horrible Life

Do you have a hard time letting go of a grudge? I know I do. I have punished people for years over mistakes they made or small hurts. Carrying around all of that hurt and anger is no way to live. That's why "Allowing long-term anger to occupy your heart" is Number 7 of the Deadliest Decisions You Can Make.