What to Ask During an Informational Interview

Any job seeker or employee at any level can benefit from talking to professionals in various positions about their backgrounds, career paths and industry knowledge.

Sure You Want To Upgrade Your Resume?

“Can you review my resume” is the first question most people ask me when they find out I’m a career adviser. They waste the opportunity of developing new strategies for connecting with employers and others in their career field.

Your resume is an important part of your job search toolkit -- it’s just not the only, or the most important part.

This LinkedIn Mistake Is Hurting Your Network

Imagine you are at a party with many people around you. Some you know, many you do not but would like to get introductions.

You overhear a man whom you have never met talking about an interesting topic. You decide you want to get to know this stranger, even though he has not noticed you yet. You simply turn to the man, smile and say, "We should be friends."

What do you think this man's reaction will be to hearing such a bold request from someone he doesn't know anything about?