3 Networking Questions For Shy & Introverted Job Seekers, Part 2

Remember that networking is about making connections and building relationships. What are some ways in which an introvert can play to their strengths in order to build relationships?

3 Networking Questions For Shy & Introverted Job Seekers, Part 1

It's Thursday evening. You have been working full time and you are tired. You are so worn out that you'd like to call in sick tomorrow, but you can't. How will you "recharge your battery" tonight?

The Force Is Strong In My Rare Personality Type

We INFJs are pretty awesome. So awesome, in fact, that only 1-3% of the U.S. population are INFJ. The Force is strong in us.

Do you know someone who might be an INFJ? What is it like to work or live with them? Are you an INJF? What do you want others to know about you?

Because it is so rare to meet an INFJ, I found a few examples of some famous – and some fictional – INFJs. See which celebrity, Star Trek captain or Game of Thrones character matches your personality type.

Uh-Oh, Now You’ve Tick Off An Introvert

The basic idea of telling introverts to act more like extroverts is degrading and unproductive. Introversion and extroversion are naturally occurring personality traits that all of us have. Most people are more extroverted, but that does not make introverts bad or wrong.

People are happiest when they have confidence in who they are and are free to be themselves. We should encourage and support people to play to their strengths, not chastise them for not acting like someone else.