What Is Your Career Identity?

The key to finding “the right job” is to seek employment that matches your career identity.

Career Identity: What you do best, what fulfills you, and what you can give to your work life.

Everyone who wants to find a job that they like, that uses their skills and talents, should be clear about their career identity.

Any student or job seeker wanting to enter a field that they will enjoy and has the potential for livable wages should know their career identity.

What is career identity, and how do you figure out what your personal #CareerID?

To find your career identity, think about:

  • What skill sets, knowledge or interests do you want to use?
  • What activities or interests help you feel fulfilled?
  • What do you want to give to your community or work environment?

Think about your current and past jobs. What did you like about them? What types of duties or projects did you enjoy most? What skills did you like using? What type of people did you like working with or helping? The answers to these questions will help you to clarify your career identity.

Next, think about ways you can make your current job fit your career identity. Any new projects you can work on, or skills that you need to learn?

All employees and job seekers can connect with people who are working in positions to related to their career identities. Your professional community can support you as you discover and grow in your career identity.

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Originally published July 2014


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