Why ‘Manage Your Career?’

Chalk board diagram of career

Most people don’t think about their “careers” often. 

We think about our next paycheck. We think about how to get our work done. We think about how to act around an annoying boss. 

Chalk board diagram of career

But we don’t often think about the job we want to be in five years from now, or how to get it. And most of us don’t think about how our work lines up with our values or personal mission. 

When People Think About Their Careers

  • Don’t like current job or workplace
  • Want a promotion or new position
  • Feel burnt out or restless
  • Want to improve themselves
  • Can no longer stay in current line of work (laid off, injury, life changes, etc.)

You are in control of your career. Instead of reacting to what is happening to you at work now, be proactive. Plan your next career move.

No matter what happens in the job market, you get to decide what you want your career to be. You decide who you are in the work world. 

Stop right now and ask yourself if you are satisfied with your work life. 

Next, think about what you want your work life to be like in five years. In 10 years?

Most importantly, take time to think about your Career Identity. Knowing yourself, being yourself and expressing yourself at work will help you feel better about your work and your life.