How to Find A LGBTQ Friendly Workplace

In addition to activities that all job seekers do -- creating a compelling resume and social media profiles, building a meaningful network of contacts -- job seekers from marginalized groups take extra care in finding workplaces that are respectful and inclusive to them.

Workplace Tips for New Graduates

Congratulations! You have accomplished something you worked long and hard for -- You graduated! You have your degree, and no one can take it away from you. Earning a degree is an achievement that you should be proud of. Now that school is behind you (for now …), it’s time to look to look for … Continue reading Workplace Tips for New Graduates

VIDEO: What is Your Career Identity?

Finding the right job for you does not depend on what employers have to offer. The right job comes from you -- You decide what is important to you and which jobs fit your goals. The right job for you fits your Career Identity.   Also from DeniseMpls: Why You Need A Career Coach Find Your … Continue reading VIDEO: What is Your Career Identity?