Calling All Minnesota Career Advisors & Recruiters

We Midwesterns are a smart group of people. We know a lot about the labor market, hiring practices and career exploration. Now it’s time for our voices to be heard in the crowd of other job coaches and recruiters on Twitter.

If you tweet career advice, job search tips, openings or offer info about the local labor market, let me know and I will add your Twitter ID to the list of Minnesota career advisers.

If you know of a career adviser, HR professional, recruiter or other source of employment information that should be added to the Twitter list, tweet me or leave a comment here.

The list of Minnesota Career Advisers on Twitter will be posted next week.

Keep looking up,


4 thoughts on “Calling All Minnesota Career Advisors & Recruiters

  1. Hello, Denise.
    We’re looking into starting computer classes at our church and I’m on a fact-finding mission 🙂 would you be so kind to direct me to any resources you’ve found helpful? Thanks.

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