I am who I am

“If an ass goes traveling, he’ll not come home a horse.” -Thomas Fuller

I love this quote.

donkeyAbout 12 years ago, I was an ass who moved to Los Angeles in the hopes that the glamorous surroundings would rub off on me and “fix me.” Instead, being isolated from my loved ones and constantly trying to fit in where I simply didn’t belong brought me to my rock bottom.

Nearly paralyzed with depression, social anxiety, financial problems and major weight gain, six years later I moved back home.

A year later I realized that my life still was not what I wanted, which meant that my problems weren’t LA’s fault, they were mine. In other words – no matter where you go, there you are.

This quote also reminds me of another saying that I always repeat wrong. But it’s something like:

“Don’t ask a duck to be a swan”

Or is it “a pigeon will never soar like an eagle?”

I can never remember the wording, but the point is: I am who I am. I should concentrate on being the best me possible and not punish/blame/hate myself for not being a swan or an eagle. There is nothing wrong with being a duck, if that is how God wants me to be.

Quack quack.