Workshop for Single Moms: Workplace Politics

Women Achieving New Directions (WAND) at the Employment Action Center (EAC) is a wonderful program that helps low-income single mothers find better jobs so they can support their families.  I’ve volunteered with them for years. WAND services are open to low-income mothers in the Twin Cities. Here is information on their next workshop.

Are you witnessing favoritism at work? Do you think you might be in an explosive work situation?

How do you handle tough on-the-job problems like these and keep your job — and your sanity?

Come to this free WAND workshop, led by mentor Ann Sessoms, to get some answers.

When: Thursday, January 28

Where: Women Achieving New Directions
2143 Lowry Ave. N.
Minneapolis, MN 55411

RSVP: Call Pat, 612-752-8554

Details: Lite dinner will be served, child care available (call to reserve)
View the workshop flyer

7 thoughts on “Workshop for Single Moms: Workplace Politics

  1. Worthwhile post. Looks good to me. I have read a few of your other posts and they are all informative too – keep up the good work. Thanks a ton for sharing this information!

  2. Thanks for the tips. Interesting but looks like there is some hard work ahead for me!

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  4. Harriett — I don’t have any info on scholarships for single moms. Contact WAND (info in flyer above) and they might have some resources for you. Good luck!

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