10 Questions: Series is Over & I Still Feel ‘LOST’

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Do not read this until after you have watched the May 23 series finale of “LOST.”

First, let me say I really appreciate that the finale focused on giving the main characters peace and redemption. However, I couldn’t get as emotionally involved as I would have liked because there are still so many unanswered questions about that crazy island, and the whole series.

Here are some of my burning questions. Please post your own questions and theories.

1. Will the “Adventures of Hurley and Ben: Island Guardians” be a spin-off next season? Please say yes.

2. Was Jacob really “good” and Smokey “evil?” In their flashback, it just seemed like Jacob was naïve or more trusting of their mother. Smokey just wanted more explanation before he believed, and when Allison Janney wouldn’t give him the answers he wanted, he left. It wasn’t until Mystery Mom burned down the village that Smokey got all stabby.

3. The Sideways Happy Place (alternate reality in Los Angeles) was “created so they all could find each other again.” Created by whom? How?

4. Where were Michael and Walt? And Mr. Eko?

5. In the Sideways, how did Desmond know who to “awaken” and who not to? Why weren’t Faraday, Charlotte, Miles and his father, or Anna Lucia “summoned?”

6. Rose and Bernard clearly chose not to be part of the group’s ongoing drama (can’t blame them!), so why were they included in the Sideways Happy Place?

7. There were still “Others” on the island, right? What happened to all the people who decided to follow Smokey Locke? And what happened to the rest of Wentworth’s people?

8. How did Jacob pick the Candidates that he did? We’re all screwed up and feel lost, so how, out of the billions of people in the world, did Jacob chose the Oceanic crew?

9. Why did Jacob choose Kate and Sawyer as Candidates when they were children? It’s clear that Sawyer (nee James Ford) would likely grow up to be the emotional mess that he was. But Kate was just a mischievous kid. How do we know that Jacob’s interference in her little candy crime spree isn’t what pushed to bad-girl status? What if the shop owner called her mom, would Kate have changed her ways?

10. Ultimate Question: Are you saying that all of this — from the time the plane crashed to the time Jack dies with doggy Vincent by his side — all of it happened because Jacob and Smokey had differing management styles?? Jacob likes to trap new employees and see how they react in perilous situations, while Smokey just kills anyone who gets in his way? Would you really want either as your supervisor?