Q&A: Have Social Media Overload?

I cannot keep up with all these social networks. If another one pops on the scene I think I’ll scream! I think a few are OK but have you check your share button lately? It like 200 plus (platforms to share content).
~ Entrepreneur, Shatona Groves of TripleAPress.com

Stay calm. No one expects you to join and use 200 social networking sites. It’s not a good use of your time. It’s also not good for your personal brand to spread yourself too thin over many social media platforms.

Instead, take a minute to research the online communities that seem interesting to you. Then decide which platforms you want to use for social networking, and which you will only have a social presence.

“Social networking” is when you regularly publish content or interact with other people on a website or e-mail list. These communications can include:

  • Updating your status
  • Sharing links to blogs or other content
  • Posting photos or videos
  • or have conversations with others in a group forum or private messages

Some platforms, like Facebook, are designed to let you do multiple activities. Others, like YouTube, do one activity well (post videos). Think about the type of content you want to share, then pick the social media sites that work best for you.

Your “social presence” establishes you on the websites where you have a profile but do not interact often. It’s a good idea to have a presence on social sites that are popular but you do not visit often.

For example, you might create a profile and claim your name on Twitter, but you do not log on often and don’t send tweets. Having a profile on the site keeps someone else from using your name. It also gives you the option of using Twitter later if your social networking plans change.

As for the other 200 or more social media sites?  You can ignore them — for now. Review your social media activities every few months. You might decide to stop using one site or change the way you use another.

One of the great things about social media is that the way you use it can easily and quickly evolve to meet your needs.

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  1. Social networking sites have given the world a new dimension on how we communicate with each other. They have brought the family which is separated geographically closer and also have helped us to find the friends and relations lost in the past and to reestablish a new relationship. In every way social networking sites have helped us to get connected always and take our relationship to the next level.

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