5 Tips To Prepare For A Layoff

Layoffs are horrible.

It’s awful when you hear one day that it’s your last on the job.

It’s hard when you find out your department or entire company is closing within a few weeks.

And it sucks being one of the remaining staff who has to deal with increased workloads while mourning the loss of your laid off coworkers.

Unfortunately, I’ve been in each of these situations. I can tell you as a person who lived through the financial stress of losing my job, and as a person who found new employment and career success after a layoff — it ain’t easy.

Preparation can help lessen the sting of getting laid off.

Here are five financial and career tips to help you get ready for your next job loss:

  1. Get organized (CNN)
  2. Plan to leave your workplace gracefully (Job-Hunt.org)
  3. Get your finances in order now (Oprah.com)
  4. Know how to apply for unemployment benefits (CareerOneStop.org)
  5.  Have a job search preparation plan (DeniseMpls)

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