Career & Coaching Buffet 8/31/12

Career Management

  • Learn These 3 Lessons Before Ditching Your Day Job to Follow Your Passion (Brazen Careerist)
  • The Transferable Skills Fallacy: When is it too late to change industries? (Career Hub)
  • How to Network with VIPs on LinkedIn (LinkedIn Blog)
  • ‘My Boss Is Emotionally Unstable And It’s Awful’ (The Grindstone)
  • Are You Cut Out to Be a Manager? (U.S. News: Money)

Job Search

  • GRAPHIC: Jobs come back unevenly in states (USA Today)
  • Do You Need an Advanced Degree to Get a Great Job? (U.S. News: Money)
  • How to Save a Bad Interview (Keepie Careers)
  • How Not to Ask for Help With Your Job Hunt (U.S. News: Money)
  • Told You’re ‘Overqualified’ For The Job? Here’s What They Really Mean (AOL Jobs)

Life Stuff

This Week’s Words to Live By:

Author Bio: Denise Felder is a writer and career adviser encouraging everyday people to make positive life and career choices.