Missed These Interview Moments?

An employer calls you for a job interview. You write down the location and time of the interview. In your excitement, you forget to find out who your interviewer is.

Moment #1 ~ Know your interviewer.

When the interview is scheduled, write down the name and title of everyone you will be talking with.

  • Are you meeting with a human resource representative?
  • Will you talk with someone in the department where you would work?
  • How many people will ask you questions?
  • Will you meet with them one at a time or will it be a group/panel interview?

It’s especially important to get the name of your interviewer if you applied for the job online. When sending a resume through a company’s website or general e-mail, you won’t have a contact name.

Next, you go to the interview and it goes well. After the interview, you are excited about the possibilities of getting hired.

Moment #2 ~ Send a thank-you note.

Your interview might have gone well, but you were not the only one who interviewed for that job. Employers sometimes talk with dozens of people before deciding who to call for a second interview or who to hire.

How do you increase your chances of getting a second interview or a job offer? Send a thank you note immediately after your first interview.

During your job interview, ask how the interviewer want you to follow-up. Find out if he or she prefers e-mail or phone calls. People who do not check their e-mail often are more likely to prefer you send a thank you letter in the mail.

  • A thank you note shows that you are really interested in the position.
  • It also shows that you have good organization and communication skills – two qualities that employers look for.

When you do not send a thank you note, employers think you are no longer interested in the job and are less likely to call you for a second interview or to offer you the job.

Before you can send a thank you letter, you need to know the names of everyone you interviewed with. Don’t let Moment #1 pass you by, and you will succeed in Moment #2.

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