How To Find A Job Quickly

The pressure is on for new graduates and other job seekers to get hired — and a paycheck — as soon as possible.

100percentWhether you are unemployed or currently working and looking for a new job, create your job search plan before you contact employers.

You also want to explore career options that fit your financial and personal goals.

Now you are ready to look for work.

These three tips will increase your likelihood of finding the right position and getting a job offer.

1. Look for job openings online AND in person. Talking with other people and meeting employers in person will lead you to the “right” job sooner than if you only respond to online openings.

2. Don’t stop-and-start your job search with each interview. Keep applying for jobs, even when you interview for other positions. An interview does not guarantee a job offer. Continue to send out your resume even while you are waiting to hear from an employer. The only time to stop looking is when you have an official job offer in hand.

3. Don’t judge a job by its title. Read a job description or ask for more information about a job before deciding not to apply. Job titles can be misleading or confusing. Your perfect job might be hidden under the “wrong” title. If you think you meet about 75% or more of the qualifications, send in your resume.

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