How College Career Centers Help You

career-elementsA college education brings many benefits:

  • Practical training/education to get a better job
  • Learn things about yourself
  • Exposure to other cultures
  • Expanding your professional community (your network)
  • Inspiring your family
  • Increase your earning potential

Another benefit of going to a two-year or four-year college is gaining access to Career Services that can help you with job search skills, connecting with employers, and developing your career identity.

Career Services comes in all shapes and sizes.

Sometimes a school has a Career Services office staffed with several career counselors and advisers with job search and internship information related to your career field. Sometimes Career Services has a small staff that offers workshops and resources to help you start your job search on your own or with the help of alumni.

Recently, Mark Anthony Dyson, The Voice of Job Seekers, interviewed me to talk about how college career centers can help students and alumni in their career journeys.

Listen to the podcast. Then add your thoughts to our conversation in the comments section below.

Click on photo to hear podcast.

Click on photo to hear podcast.

More Info:

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