Why Should I Bother With Career Fairs?

How To Connect With Employers During a Career Fair

agendapeopleAsk for inside information. Don’t ask for information you can get from the company’s website or handouts.

  • What is it like to work at your organization? What is the culture like?
  • Which skills are most important to this position?
  • What do you like about working for your organization?

Show genuine interest and what you know about the company. Virginia Tech suggests asking questions like:

  • I read about XYZ Project on your website. Is your department involved in that work?
  • Several graduates of my major have gone to work for your organization and they speak highly about their experience. What are the career paths for new hires over the first few years on the job?

Not confident in your job search skills? Talk with a career coach before you go to a career fair. Volunteer human resources and career professionals will be at the Minneapolis Convention Center March 17 and 18 to give job seekers one-on-one help.

Check out the menu of free services job seekers and college students can receive at the Career Services Center. The Career Services Center is also open to employees preparing for a promotion or career change.

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  1. Denise thanks for this wonderful post. Career fair is really important but especially for those who due to long term job search has accepted an entire different job from their discipline. This would definitely put then back on the right track. Thanks for sharing.

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