Why You Need A Career Coach

You might drive your car nearly every day. However, being a good driver does not make you an expert auto technician. That’s why when it’s time to get the oil change, you take your car to a professional.

Ian BrittonWhat does your job search have to do with getting your car’s oil changed?

You can do both things by yourself. But if you get a professional to help you, it will probably get done quicker and better. 

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Many job seekers try to create a resume and connect with employers without the help of a career adviser.

This works for some, however, many more job seekers might get hired in the right job sooner if they got help from an employment coach or career adviser.

Think of it like this: The skills that you use to drive your car are not the same as the skills needed to change its oil. Likewise, the skills you need to be good in your career field are not the same as the skills needed to job search.

Counseling-MANNAA career adviser or employer coach can help you find good career option that match your skills and career goals. Working with a coach will also help you to connect with the right employers more quickly than if you were to job search alone.

You do not need to be unemployed to get help from a career coach. In fact, people who want a promotion, are thinking about a career change, or are underemployed can get help from a career coach to plan their next move.

Remember, career development is a process, not a one-time event.

What can a career coach help you with?

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