Q&A: Is It Time To Look For A New Job?


You recently posted a video that showed why staying with one company for a long time is not always a good thing. I know this is true, but it adds pressure for those of us who love what we do and the people we work with.

findjobPDFFor people who’ve been at a job over four years and still love it, must they force themselves to leave it?


Of course not! The motivation (when or why) to leave a company or look for new opportunities varies greatly from person to person.

Only you can decide when to make a career move. No business expert or career coach can make that decision for you. They can only help you find information and resources — like what employers think — so you can explore your options and make an informed decision.

Something to think about: A person who prefers to change jobs every few years knows that some employers think negatively about frequent movement.

Likewise, a person who prefers to stay in one job long term should be aware that if and when they decide to change companies that other employers might question why they “stayed put” for so long.

Knowledge is power. The more a job seeker or person looking for a promotion knows about the hiring process, the better they can prepare for the next phase of their career.

Not sure what your next move should be?

Try this:

  • Keep learning new skills and gaining knowledge. This can be as simple as keeping up on news and trends in your career area, or participating in free and low-cost workshops and classes offered online or in person.
  • Engage and expand your professional community (network). Who do yo know in other departments at your company? Who are local leaders in your industry? What are the important events and conferences for your career field? Think about how you can connect with people in person and online so others know what your career goals are and what skills you have to offer.

Doing these two things will help you do your current job better, prepare you for a promotion, and will give you the edge if you do choose to job search.