Types Of College & Universities

Community Colleges
Provide the first two years of a four-year college education, or complete a liberal arts or career-specific program in two years or less. Graduates of community colleges can transfer to other colleges or universities to complete a four-year degree or use their degree as entry into a career. What you can earn:

  • Diploma
  • Certificate
  • Associate degree

Technical Colleges
Career-specific courses and programs in technical and industrial occupations, including business, communications and computers. Programs ranging in length from three months to two years.

Combined Community and Technical Colleges
Two-year colleges with both career-specific technical programs and liberal arts courses and programs that can transfer into a four-year degree.

Tribal Colleges
Offer courses and programs similar to community colleges for American Indian students.

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Colleges (4-year)
Postsecondary institutions offering undergraduate (bachelor’s degree) programs. Four-year colleges often offer on-campus housing and student life activities like athletics, theater and student clubs.

Educational institutions offering graduate and professional degree programs. Most offer undergraduate programs, on-campus housing and student life activities.