Quick Note From An Employer

I spoke with an employer who hires entry-level people for office positions. This is an e-mail that he sent me about the candidates he was interviewing:

“Just as an FYI: As an employer, two things that any prospective applicant can do for themselves that’s easy, takes no training or experience and is free, is:

  1. Be early and
  2. Dress sharp for an interview.

Any applicant is half hired or ruled out the first second that I meet them.”

Remember: A job candidate’s technical skills and work experience are not enough to get the job. You have to make a good impression in the interview.

Employers want to see candidates who will represent themselves and their companies professionally and courteously. They also want new employees who are willing to be trained and learn quickly.

Show confidence in your skills and a real desire and enthusiasm to work for that company, and you will do well in the interview.

Good luck — and keep looking up!