Nano-Bio Summer Research Program at UPenn

The Undergraduate Research at The Nano-Bio Interface program at Penn’s NBIC is an REU that combines a rich research experience in nanobiotechnology with structured professional development focused on cross-cultural issues.

The focus of the research is molecular interactions at the interface of physical and biological systems organized around themes of molecular motion, opto-electronic function of biomolecules, and single molecule probes.

Faculties from two universities collaborate to provide a rich research experience for undergraduate students.  Our strategy is to constitute a student body that is 50% Hispanic and 50% non Hispanic so that role-playing, communications, ethics, etc. can be developed around a specific cultural example.

Deadline: Friday, February 26.

Make sure that each of the following items is part of your complete application:

1. Application form (PDF of Application Form) – You may send by mail, fax, or e-mail attachment
2. Your personal statement – Describe your research and career interests and any lab experience you may have. Previous lab experience IS NOT a requirement.
3. College transcripts – Official transcripts please
4. Letters of recommendation – You must have two (2). They can arrive separately by mail or e-mail attachments.

F-1 Visa Holders: please provide the proper documents with your application showing that you are permitted to earn a stipend. Your college/university will provide this to you.

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