Song for the New Year: Morning’s Breaking

Most of us would agree that 2009 has been a VERY eventful year.

For me, 2009 was filled with more ups than downs. I’m not bragging — believe me when I say that the past few years have had enough downward turns to last me for a while. But I’d be kidding myself if I thought that life will be smooth sailing from now on.

At any given time, every one of us is either at the beginning of a challenge, in the middle of rough times, or just coming through some things.

For those of us who are still in the middle of troubling times, or feel 2010 will be challenging, here’s a song to give you encouragement.

I first hear this song a few weeks ago when the gifted and blessed Greta Oglesby sang it at a Christmas concert. Here is the original recording from Richard Smallwood, featuring Kelly Price.

Go ahead, play it twice.
Play it whenever you need to remind yourself of the truth of your situation: Weeping may endure for a night, but morning is coming.

Are you ready for your breakthrough?


Keep looking up,


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