Are You Ready for ‘Glee’ Premiere? Oprah Is (Video)

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I’m one of the few people in America without a DVR, so I missed the cast of “Glee” on “The Oprah Show” last week. (I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive myself …) The cast was on to promote the exciting return of the FOX show, which will air after another boring “American Idol” — or is this the week with Adam Lambert?

Of course, when you want a show like “Oprah” to post full episodes on its website, it doesn’t. Alas, we’ll have to settle for a few highlight clips of the “Oprah” episode, including a dance-off, featuring the yummy Matthew Morrison.

Watch and enjoy.

Click to view video of dance off

Click to view "Don't Stop Believin'" on Oprah
Click to view "Somebody to Love"

By the way, how well did you do on “Oprah’s” Test your Glee IQ quiz? It was pretty easy.