3 Ways to Start a Career in Communications

1. Freelance Opportunities (Paid or Unpaid)

When you are looking for work as a writer, photographer or graphic artist, employers want to see samples of your work. They don’t care if you were paid or not, they just want to know what you are capable of.

Inexperienced writers and visual communicators might have a hard time getting noticed by larger media outlets. Here are a few places that usually welcome new professionals:

  • School publications (newspapers, literary journals, blogs)
  • Community/neighborhood newspapers and Web sites
  • Newsletters, Web sites for nonprofit organizations
  • Cable access news and community video production studios
  • Start your own blog, publication or video project alone or with a group

2. Volunteer Opportunities

Employers want to know that you are serious about having a career in communications. One way to show your dedication is to prove that you would do this work for free. Volunteering also give you the chance to give back to your community or an organization, build your network and your professional reputation, and create more work samples.

What types of volunteer positions will add to your communications experience?

  • Newsletter writer or editor
  • Website contributor (writing, editing, or graphic arts)
  • Event planner or coordinator
  • Literacy assistant
  • Event photographer
  • Marketing assistant
  • Grant or report writer

Where to look for volunteer opportunities:

You can also volunteer your writing or other skills at any school, community organization, professional organization, or nonprofit agency that interests you.  You can find such organizations through the United Way, or Web sites like these:

3. Internships

Internships are a proven way to gain experience in most career fields. Internships are especially important to break into most communications specialties. Again, employers want to see proof of what you can do. Interning is an obvious way to show off and gain new skills.

You can look for internships related to communications on these Web sites:

Keep looking up.

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