What’s the Deal with Show Tunes? A Tribute

My love of musical theater is not limited to the skillful recreations heard on “Glee.” I’ve been obsessed with movie musical and Broadway shows since I was 9 years old and happened to watch “On the Town”  on TV one rainy Saturday afternoon.

Show tunes can be cheesy. Overly dramatic. Clichéd. I get that. But a good musical number can also get to the emotional truth of a moment better than any other form of communication.

How many of us have felt the urge to dance in the streets when we get that job offer we’ve been waiting for? Whose heart doesn’t cry out when their child is sick or they loose a loved one? And how can you not want to click your heels and do a twirl when you fall in love?

For generations, the American (and British) stage has blessed us with countless geniuses lovingly giving the public their works, and their hearts. Here are a few of my many, many favorite musical numbers.

What’s the Deal with Show Tunes?

What are your favorite musical numbers and why?