Cool City Jobs in Minneapolis – Sept. 24 Event

Host: City Council member Elizabeth Glidden (8th Ward)

What: As the importance of public services is highlighted due to lean economic times and this critical gubernatorial election year, this month’s “Early Mornings with Elizabeth” event will focus on public service as exemplified by city employees.

Come learn about COOL CITY JOBS held by your Minneapolis Ward 8 neighbors and hear why they believe public service is important.

Meet & greet with city employees includes: Julie Meintsma of the Clerk’s office, Marie Asgian of the Water Department, Dan Huff with Environmental Services/Regulatory Services, Dana Beasley of the Assessor’s office, Tim Baynard of the Fire Department, and others.

When: Friday September 24th, 2010, 7:30-9am

Where: South City Café, 3405 Chicago Ave., Minneapolis

Help support this great new business that is part of revitalization along Chicago Avenue.

Details: Flyer for “Early Mornings with Elizabeth” event