Using Online Networking to Create Real-World Relationships

“Making Connections: The Value of Networking” is the theme for this year’s Minnesota Association of Colleges and Employers (MN ACE) spring conference. One of the conference sessions Friday April 15, 2011 is the panel discussion “Using Online Networking to Create Real-World Relationships.”

The four panelists, myself included, have varied backgrounds in career development, college student services, marketing and new media. While we are leading an in-person discussion about helping college students and graduates to best use social media, you can join the discussion via Twitter (search for #MnACE).

The in-person live discussion will 10:15am and 12:45pm Central time Friday, April 15. The #MnACE tweet discussion will continue all day.

In person, the panelists and audience will address these questions and more:

1.      What is your favorite social networking site and what do you like best about it?

2.      Provide an example of a valuable lesson you’ve had using social media (what not to do or a best practice).

3.      Are you friends with colleagues on Facebook? Why or why not?

4.      How to you develop relationships “offline?” How do you take it from an online connection to a phone call or meeting in person?

5.      What tips do you have for HR professionals wanting to connect with graduates via social networking? What tips do you have for graduates?

In addition, you can tweet your responses to the talking points below:

  • Suggestions for getting techno-phobic students to use social networking? Which platform or activities do you recommend?
  • Is there a type of student who is better suited for online networking?
  • How do you manage contact lists offline?
  • Tips for using social media to research employers
  • Tips for using social media to create, strengthen brand
  • How do you move from using social media casually to using it for business purposes, or visa versa?
  • Certain industries expect employees to have social media presence (PR, for example). Which industries have you found social networking important? Which industries does it not matter?
  • Is a strong online presence expected or just nice to have?
  • Do you check candidates’ online profiles as part of the hiring process?
  • Is social media a strategic part of your campus or company recruiting or customer service?
  • Do you like students to connect with you online? What are the protocols (connect immediately or send intro message first)?
  • What impresses you about a LinkedIn Profile?
  • How important is a good LinkedIn profile compared to a traditional resume?
  • Is a LinkedIn Group a good way for a job seeker to introduce himself if you work for a company he is interested in working for?
  • What is your company’s policy for using social networking?

Follow #MnACE on Twitter to see and participate in the discussion.