Help North Minneapolis Tornado Relief Efforts

Here are some resources for victim’s of Sunday’s tornado, and ways that all of us can help the residents of North Minneapolis.

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1. Check out the Resource Sheet for North Minneapolis Post-Tornado Relief Efforts. This printable page list shelter, food, transportation, and other resources for residents of North Minneapolis. It also lists how and where to volunteer and send donations. This list is updated daily.

2. Residents can go to the Disaster Recovery Center at Farview Park Recreation Center, 621 29th Ave. N.  The hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. The center is served directly by bus route 22B. Routes 5M and 5L stop within a few blocks of the park.

3. Volunteers should contact Urban Homeworks BEFORE they go to North Minneapolis. For safety and efficiency, Urban Homeworks is coordinating clean up groups and other help. Any group of 20 more more people can e-mail for instructions.

4. Get the latest news and  updates.

Also — National Recovery Efforts:

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