How MN Gov Shutdown Affects Unemployed

First my heart goes out to my 23,000 Minnesota State employee colleagues laid off due to Democratic Governor Mark Dayton and Republican legislative leaders failure to reach a budget deal.

Like the thousands of other Minnesotans looking for work, the shutdown means fewer supports to help the laid off workers.

Services disrupted during the shutdown:

  • Minnesota WorkForce Centers are closed. Very few services are offered at selected locations. Call your local WorkForce Center to find out what, if any, programs are available (888-GET JOBS or 888-38-5627).
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services offices are closed.
  • The jobs website is turned off. Employers cannot post jobs and job seekers cannot access current job openings on the site.

Some good news:

  • Medicaid and temporary assistance to needy families will continue.
  • Public colleges and schools will continue operations.

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