Get Help with Your Job Search

Don’t job search alone. Free and low-cost job search help is everywhere.

Resume help, job search workshops and networking groups are offered at your local One-Stop (WorkForce) Career Center. Most of their services are free or very low-cost.

Nonprofit or community agencies in most areas help job seekers with all aspects of the job search including resume writing, interview skills, contacting employers, and succeeding on the job. Some also offer free or low-cost skills workshops or job training.

Examples of these organizations that have locations in multiple states are Goodwill-Easter Seals and the International Association of Jewish Vocational Services. Check your local libraries, community centers and religious organizations to find employment help in your area.

Also, you might be eligible for state or federal employment help or job training if you fit one or more of these categories:

  • Laid off, dislocated worker, position eliminated
  • Disabled (mentally or physically)
  • Low income, living near poverty level
  • Veteran
  • Youth age 24 or younger

Other programs might exist to help you. Contact your state unemployment office or your local One-Stop (WorkForce) Career Center  and ask which programs you might be eligible for.

If you think you need specialized career help that a community organization can’t offer, find a trusted career coach to help you. Only hire a coach with the qualifications or experience to help you meet your career goals. The National Career Development Association has good tips for choosing a career coach.

Another resource for job search help are temporary employment agencies. Temp agencies are looking for good candidates (like you) to work for the companies they represent.

When you sign up with a temp agency, ask them what skills employers are looking for in candidates. Ask the agency recruiter if they will help you redo your resume. Many agencies also have computer training for their candidates. Take advantage to upgrade your office computer skills and learn new software programs.

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