Job Search Tips in 140 Characters or Less

The recent #CareerCircus and  #HFchat events on Twitter generated a lot of meaty tweets helpful to your job search and career development.

To find helpful career advice on Twitter anytime, search for and follow these hashtags:

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  • #jobsearch

Here are some recent tweets to help with your job search:

@JobHuntOrg Be specific about what you want, “A JOB!” or “ANYTHING!” isn’t very helpful to your network or to people who want to help.

@Mediabistro The worst thing to do in an interview? Coming in with no questions. – @mmrothenberg

@cenedella That’s a really good point. RT @mmrothenberg: Laurie Ruettiman argues to “do what you’re good at, not what you love.”

@Give2GetJobs Also, employers love go-getters. If there isn’t a networking group that meets your needs, create an event yourself.

@HireEffect A full #jobsearch campaign consists of research, communication and networking. Combine them to increase chances for #career success.

@Mediabistro Never be a generalist. Try to be a specialist or expert at 2 things. @saulcolt

@HireEffect In large events, don’t just trade business cards. Focus on meeting ONE person with whom you make a real connection.

@JennJBowen Networking at grocery store, subway, kids sports might be awkward but it is great practice for more formal settings.

@Mediabistro There is always one thing you can control in your career. Performance. – @lruettimann

@JobHuntOrg All interactions outside family could be networking, In real life and online. Be open to those opportunities, be targeted, & be unselfish.

@KimNCarswell I tell my clients to put their happy, I’m ready for the next opportunity face on when they leave the house.

@lruettimann Matthew Rothberg from @theladders says do a victory lap and be proud when u get an interview. That’s an accomplishment.

@Mediabistro “You need to assess the core of your value. Sell that value at every stage of your job search. ” – @mmrothenberg

@JobHuntOrg I see people spending too much time online applying for jobs that aren’t good fits. Feels productive but isn’t.

@Mediabistro Your personal brand isn’t what you say it is, it’s what Google says it is. @saulcolt

@mikelehrer RT @ErickTaft: Volunteering is a great way to build network & experiences. Local professional orgs are always looking for help.

@niche via @mmrothenberg says the worst thing 2 do in an interview is 2 come in with no questions; worse is not knowing ur value

@ResumeStrategy When somebody asks “what are you looking for” and you stumble on the answer, you’ve blown a potential lead.

@Mediabistro Don’t just look for a job. Take meetings, call people, and remind people that you are relevant. – Andrew Goldman, HBO

@zapointcoo @ResumeBits Totally agree. Nurture your network before your job hunt; don’t just go to them when you need something!

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